THE WHO - SEPT. 25, 1982
JFK Stadium
Philadelphia, PA
September 25, 1982

THE WHO!!!!!!!!!
This was an INCREDIBLE event!!!
A bunch of us camped out, the night before, laying on the ground, against the outside wall of JFK stadium!
(Oh, to be young and oblivious!!) It was general admission on the floor, so we wanted to be at the head of the line when those doors opened in the morning!
As you can see from the pictures I took, we got PRETTY CLOSE to the stage by the time The Who came on.

This was just about 3 years since the tragedy in Cincinnati, where at a Who concert, 11 people were crushed to death or suffocated by the
out of control crowd.
There were times, up front, when the closely packed crowd swayed in different directions. It felt like being in a rough ocean, and you had no choice but to go with the movement.
There were a couple of times when someone near us would lose their footing, and fall to the ground.
But I think everyone up front must have had Cincinnati in the front of their minds, because immediately everyone around them would quickly put out a hand and pull them up!
It was like an unspoken understanding between strangers!
(Psychologists and Sociologists would have fun with that one!)

On the picture to the left, the kid in the forground, facing the camera... you can see the exhaustion in his eyes! He looks like he's looking for a way out!
It was really hot that day, too!
On the right, and below, while Roger, Pete and John can be seen doing what they do so well,  the security were busy pulling people, who were smashed against the wall, over the wall to safety. I guess they escorted them back further to the seating area.

It was definitely an experience I'll never forget!

I'm happy I was there!!!!
Couldn't find any footage from the JFK show,
but this is a pretty cool video
from Toronto of the same year!
Substitute, I Can't Explain,  Dangerous, Sister Disco,
The Quiet One,  It's Hard, Eminence Front,  Behind Blue Eyes,
Baba O'Riley,  I Am One,  The Punk And The Godfather,
Drowned,  A Man Is A Man,  Cry If You Want,  Who Are You,  Pinball Wizard,  See Me Feel Me,  5.15,  Love Reign O'er Me,
Long Live Rock,  Won't Get Fooled Again.

Magic Bus,  Twist And Shout.
by The Who
2/1/12 - This just came to me from Andy in Northern California, formerly of Delaware!

I was in 11th grade for this show.  It seemed to me at that time, that the most important thing was for Pete to smash his guitar.  During Twist & Shout he took his Telecaster off and bounced it on the stage once and the place went crazy but he didn't actually smash it, which disappointed me.   I also remember him jumping around during Twist & Shout and falling flat on his face (and guitar) and jumping right back up.  It hardly even messed up the song.  I thought the concert was great though I now wish I had known how lucky I was to be seeing The Clash.  We were into rock, not punk, and didn't pay much attention to them.  I was also blown away by how wasted everyone was.  We were halfway back, up in the stands and people were puking & pissing & screwing; hardly even watching the show.  I remember watching 2 cops drag a squirming, zonked out, naked hippie up the concrete steps.  The Hooters were the big local band at the time.  I had already seen them at the University of Delaware and opening for the Dixie Dreggs at the Philedelphia Zoo.


(Thanks Andy! Looking forward to hearing your recollections on other shows!)

(Note: This was sent to me on Dec. 22, 2010, from Rick S.)

THE WHO - SEPT. 25, 1982 

What a great memory of one of the best shows I've ever been to and I'm pretty sure, from the pics, that we probably rubbed elbows. There were 4 of us and we adventured to Philly the day before the show. To this day I can't believe how lucky we were just to make it to the show. We partied all the way down so there was a bit of paranoia when we got to the toll booth. Unfortunately in my haste to get out of there I didn't hear the right amount for the toll and shorted the guy. As we pulled away there was some speculation as to whether the guy was going to send the cops after us because there had to be a serious reek from the emptys. My worst nightmare seemed to be coming true as I saw a trooper coming up on us fast. So being young and dumb I stood on it, the mighty 4 cylinder screamed, he had just caught up to us as I yanked the wheel and went squealing down the off ramp. Incredibly no one else picked up the chase and we made it to the show the next morning, although it did cost me $60 later on. Still worth it though.
On a more personal note me and a friend were photographed at the show as we smiled and leaned toward each other for the camera, we were doing something else ;->. I sure would love it if I could get a copy of that shot but I know the odds are I'll never see it. I guess I should just be glad that it didn't wind up in the paper or on a magazine cover, ahh so young so foolish. Thanks for the pics though they really brought it all back for me.

(Thank you Rich!!)

(Note: This was sent to me on Nov. 10, 2010, from Rick T. of Somerset, NJ)

The Who @ JFK Stadium September 25, 1982: 

Me and my friend Jeff drove up there the night before with a cooler full of beer in my back seat, on the way there we got pulled over by a NJ State Trooper, we had open beers in the car and I gave mine to Jeff and told him to get rid of it (Guess I thought he was some kind of magician), so he shoved it under the seat, Iím also supposed to wear glasses when I drive, I was near sited in one eye and I hated wearing them so I didnít, but when I got pulled over I went scrambling for them, found them and just threw them on the dashboard. The cop said he noticed me weaving, and I said I was changing the station on the radio and he also told me I had one headlight out, then he asked if I was drinking and I said no (Never say you had a couple), then he asked what was in the cooler so I told him beer, so he took my license and stuff and went back to his car, donít remember what I was thinking, but probably, IíM FUCKED, anyway he came back and asked me if I was wearing my glasses and I told him the truth, I told him Iím near sited in one eye and they throw off my depth perception, he asked where we were heading and told him to The Who concert in Philadelphia, he said he heard about it, gave me a warning for the headlight and told us to drive safely and have a good time.
We made it to the parking lot, not many people there early in the next morning, my friend hitched a ride on the back of an ice cream truck to get to the bathrooms, wish I had a picture of that.
Judging by your photos, I was left of center stage, maybe slightly further back, I do remember everyone pushing forward and the bouncers at the front of the stage pulling people over, it got so bad that I was leaning forward on my toes, Iím 6í3Ē and I was at the mercy of the crowd, I couldnít move. I do remember the Who stopping in the middle of a song and told everyone to take three or more steps back or they were going to walk, they sounded pissed from what I remembered, and I canít blame them, they sure didnít want what happened in Cincinnati to happen again. So everyone stepped back and I got the hell out of there and sat in the stands. I do remember them playing Eminence Front.

(Thanks Rick!!!)

2/15/13 - This was sent to me by Shelly from Baltimore, MD. GREAT PICS SHELLY!!)

Hi Diane
My name is Shelly. I was at a lot of those shows on your website. I'm from Baltimore Maryland
Here are some pictures from that Who show in 1982

I had the camera and took the pictures - so I'm not in any of the pics - didn't think about it at the time. Went with my brother and several friends.

Thanks for the website!

(5/12//13- This came from Steve, formerly of State College, Pa. Thank for sharing your memories!)
Just saw your page for the WHO at JFK in 1982. I can remember taking a bus from State College to the show. We stayed pretty far back on the field, but I do remember the crowd pushing forward and the band asking everyone to step back. However, I also remember that after the show on the way out, a large crowd of folks (most were hammered out of their minds) were squeezing through an exit and a girl about 16 or 17 stumbled in front of me and fell backwards. I remember reaching down and grabbing her hand and dragging her about 10 or 15 feet on her back until a couple of folks around us helped her to her feet. I will NEVER forget the terror in that girl's eyes as long as I live!!

I think I have a bunch of photo's from the show showing the whole stadium from a distance. If interested, I will try to dig them out and send you copies............

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!