Many things  going on here.
The multi-legged lady needs no further comment. (Although I'm sure you fellas have some questions.)
I love that he stole a Mini Cooper!
Look at him behind the wheel!
(These are Actual Photos!)
Lookin' pretty good Mr. Bigfoot!
But could it work for me?
So what's been happening with Bigfoot since his life-changing weight loss???
He rustles himself up a Love Slave!
(Please also note the heart-breaking news of the Long-Tongued couple, and say a prayer for the poor woman involved in the tragic sneezing accident!)
"She's innocent, I tell yeh!"
Obama = Hope
Elvis = A Hunk of Burnin' Love
Hmm... Tough choice!
I'm curious about the "Meat Trees".
Seriously... Sign... or she dies!
No. I just can't say anything about this that could improve on it.
"Strange Days"
The Doors
"Strange Days"
The Doors