Saturday, March 3, 2012
Mermaid Inn
Jerry Howard: Drums, Songwriter Ned Bachus: Singer, Songwriter, Percussion David Taunton: Bass Jim O'Connor: 1st Chair Percussion John Avarese: Keyboards Michael Bailey: Singer, Songwriter, Guitar
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The Sacred Cowboys follow the ancient wisdom that says:"If you breathe deep and shake that thing, reality will be a better place!"
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Mermaid Inn
Chestnut Hill,
Phila. Pa
The Mermaid Inn
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Jimmy and Ned Ned, Jerry's hand, David and Michael Go, Jimmy, Go-oh!! Jimmy, Ned, David and Michael Ned, David and Michael Jimmy, Ned, David and Michael Michael and John Jerry's knee, David, Michael and John
My Attempt at the Set List:

- Waitress (I'm almost positive this was the first song.
    After this... I lost track. I'm too wrapped up in the moment, I guess!
   But I'm pretty sure the following songs were played on that lovely night!)

- Tres Jolie
- Act Like You Know
- Drunk and Disorderly
- Up on Cripple Creek
- Summer in the City
- Mystery
- Bon Temps Rouler
- Green Onions
- Ya Ya
- Ferry Cross the Mersey
- Do That Thing
- Get That Swing
- Crazy River
- Talkin' to My Room
- Nadine
- Well Alright
- Meet de Boys on the Battlefront
- Brother John (Brother Jonathan)
- Mama Told Me Not to Come
- I'm Your Mailman
- She Was Poor But She Was Honest
(somewhat naughty version)

(If I left something out... or included something
that only played inside my own head.. let me know!)
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I apologize for the poor quality of my video.
However, the desire to share this great experience far outweighed my concerns about its technical quality!