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    Images from the
(VERY Recessed)Pockets of My Brain
Kathy and I
Wildwood Boardwalk Photo Booth
April 1981
This is me, drawn by one of the portrait artists that were common on the
Wildwood Boardwalk during the 70's.
(1971, to be exact!)
Don't you love
the hairband?!?!!?
Chris, me and Terry P.
This was taken by a roving photographer on the
North Wildwood Beach,
just off the end of
Morey's Surfside Pier,
in the Summer of '81.
(Aren't we gorgeous!?!!?)
This was the crew of the Lobster Shack in the Summer of 1980. (I was 16.) It was one of my first (summer) jobs. I was a "Food Prep". I worked there for a couple of summers. We really had a lot of fun! I was "desperately in love" (silly girl!!),
with one of the cooks! Alas... He broke my heart!
(That's me in the bottom left corner. And the cook I "loved"? Well... I'll leave that a mystery!)
Wildwood High School Graduation,
Class of 1982, held at the old Wildwood Convention Hall.
Was my cap too small.... or my head too big? You be the judge.
This was a
gimmick by
the late, great
Castle Dracula,
on the Wildwood
While walking the boards, you came upon
a folded $10 bill!
After picking
it up and unfolding it...
You discover it's a clever marketing ploy!
I used to have a whole bunch of these. I guess they had someone scatter them all over the boardwalk!
YES! I was a proud
member of the
Elementary School #1
Safety Patrol!!!
(1975 - 5th Grade)
What a name
for a school!!! Actually, it was
William Cramp Elementary School,
located in the Kensington section of Phila., Pa.
I went there from kindergarten through 3rd grade.
William Cramp was a famous shipbuilder born in 1807,
so the school song was sung to the tune of "Anchors Aweigh"
I think I could still sing it if you asked me to!
Pencil drawing of  Kiss, circa 1979.
(Junior High era.)
This is what I was doing when I should have been listening to the teacher.
But, you know... this may have been my introduction into the world of commercial art.
I drew many renditions of this band and sold them to my classmates!

Oh... And by the way... In a related story...
at an 8th Grade Halloween Dance,
at Wildwood (NJ) High School...
I won first place in a costume contest,
dressed as Ace Frehley, from KISS!!!
My prize.... Two albums, (ya know... vinyl!):
The soundtrack to "grease"... (yeah, I know!),
and a Village People album... (YEAH! I KNOW!!!)
My Sunday School graduation certificate.
Providence United Methodist Church,
located at Front & Allegheny, Phila., Pa.
September 13, 1970.  (I was 6.)
(Note: The ribbon in the lower left corner says, "With Honor".
Sooooo.... Yeah. What can I say.
More to come...
(...if you think you can bear it!)