Not that I was into Hair Metal.......
As a matter of fact I mocked it every chance I could.
However.... Chris liked them, and I love Chris unconditionally, and they were playing in Wildwood, where I lived at the time, so we went.
In a stroke of hilarious irony, I caught one of the drumsticks the hairsprayed drummer threw at the crowd at the end of the show! It was white with the Cinderella logo and the drummer name on it.
I recently found it in my mother's attic. My 21 year old daughter begged me to pass it on to her.
So I did. I think she loves it for the kitsch value!
(I will refrain from putting a Cinderella song on this page.)
Convention Hall - Wildwood, NJ
July 25, 1987
of drumstick)
Mama said
there'd be days
like this....