On mint green days all the food taste like candy canes and peppermints.
My head is filled with the crackle of wrapping paper crumbling on Christmas morning.
Spearmint leaf candy makes my taste buds dance with excitement.
It feels like watching jubilant elves working at Santa's workshop preparing for the most wonderful time of the year.
On my crystal blue days
the air smells like fresh rain fall.
The sun setting on the horizon is so astonishing you just canít help but to stare in amazement and watch the sky get dark and all the noises
of the night come out in the distance while everything else around me screams silence.
Itís like a mother rocking a baby to sleep,
slowly and gently.
All day itís like dreaming,
except you might not be asleep.
It makes me feel like a cloud, floating,
with nothing to bother me.
On my melancholy gray days
itís as if the day is not moving forward,
but in reverse.
Itís one of those days where you would rather watch paint dry
than just watch the gray clouds roll in .
The aroma of musty fog is all around.
Nothing is illuminated.
Everything is dark, dismal, and still.
There is nobody to talk to or play with.
You feel like a shadow.
Blue Brain Ponderings
This was written by my daughter,
Bailey Blue.
She is 11.
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